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Casting Call

Interested in not only being involved but IN 504: A New Musical? See the casting call below!

Production Description:

Seeking actors for a concert presentation of  "504: A New Musical" at Lincoln Center’s Bruno Walter Auditorium. 504: A New Musical was written by Abbie Goldberg and Mason McDowell at NYU’s Graduate Musical Theater Writing Program. The musical takes place during the 1977 San Francisco sit-in for disability rights. It follows a majority disabled ensemble cast and grapples with questions such as: how does a community reimagine the world to better meet their needs? How do social movements stay unified while navigating internal and external conflict? How does fighting for justice transform our own sense of self and our relationships to others?


Audition Media: 

Please email excerpts of two songs (16-32 bars) of opposing styles and one monologue to by February 10, 2023



Concert performance will be held on March 27th at Lincoln Center’s Bruno Walter Auditorium. There will be three in person rehearsals leading up to the show. $300 stipend for each actor.

If you are interested in the project but do not fit one of the listed characters we encourage you to reach out to anyway! We are also looking to build relationships with performers for future readings.





All characters may be played by any race or ethnicity unless specified. All characters must be played by actors who self-identify as relating to that character’s disability status


JUNE- Late 20s. Wheelchair user. Fiery, determined, but a bit of a steam roller. Alto G3-F5 


FLORENCE- Early 70s. Black. Physically disabled. Neurodivergent. An aspiring artist who has seen the worst of the world, but some small part of her still believes things could be better. Alto F3-C5 (Head voice up to Eb5) 


BRUCE- Late 20s. Black. Physically disabled. A Black Panther struggling to be seen in all his complexities. Hopeful and self assured.

Baritone G2-F4


BILLY- 19 Deaf. Filled with youthful optimism. Creative and up for a challenge. ASL speaker.


SANDY- Mid 40s. Billy’s mother. Overprotective, but filled with love. 

Soprano Ab3-Db5 (Head voice up to G5) 


HEATHER- Black. Late 20s. Chronically ill. Self-aware about everything except her

budding crush on June. Mezzo A3-G5 


KEITH- Late 30s. Wheelchair user. Mechanically minded, snarky, loving brother to Paul. Tenor Db3-A4 (Falsetto up to D4)


PAUL-  Early 30s. Keith’s brother. Temporarily able-bodied, mentally ill. Well meaning, low confidence. Tenor Bb2-A4 (Falsetto up to B4)


MARGRET-  Mid 30s. Bruce’s personal care attendant. Not at the protest for charity, but because she knows only through community is a better world possible. Mezzo A3-G5 


EMILY- A reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle who is learning how to listen. 

Mezzo A3-C5 (Head voice up to F5) 


Ensemble members who play Black Panthers, Machinist Union members, Gay Men’s Butterfly Brigade representatives, politicians, cops, and additional protesters

504: A New Musical


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